Lose Inches In Your Lunch Break

Anastasia Grabova finds out how to get trim and toned, without lifting a single dumbbell.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking forward to summer ever since the sun set on the last one. And now that it’s finally here, I’m not convinced that I’m as ready as I hoped. The holiday has been booked and is on the frighteningly close horizon. I also bought a new bikini especially for the occasion donkeys ago. But that extensive exercise regime that I was meant to have started way back in January? Well, let’s say it sort of slipped my mind. In a moment such as this, us girls are looking for nothing short of an absolute miracle, or are we?

When Bodylean (situated within Gymophobics) approached me to try something labelled as non-invasive liposuction, I was instantly intrigued, but slightly nervous, and a touch sceptical, but not for long! Bodylean promises to melt fat away from any part of your body (be it saddle bags, buttocks, stomach, love handles, arms or inner thighs – choices, choices!).

The treatment also reduces your cellulite and tightens your skin, effectively making your body more toned and sculpted. Best of all, there is no intrusive surgery and no pain whatsoever.

Having booked the first appointment available, and drunk a tonne of water as instructed, off I went to see Fiona to find out what miracles she would work with my problem area of choice – the stomach! Friendly and chatty, Fiona instantly made me feel comfortable. The treatment itself is more like a massage than the frightening procedure I imagined. A gel was rubbed onto my belly, and then for the next half an hour, Fiona gently moved the large pebble-shaped device over my stomach.

This clever machine sends ultrasonic waves through the body, targeting dense pockets of fat, and basically making them melt away. The fat gets absorbed into the liver where it is eventually released out of the body. For the three days after the treatment it is recommended that you carry on drinking plenty of water (to flush the toxins out of the body) and to avoid eating carbs, to avoid overloading the liver.

“With real results measurable with every treatment, I find it no surprise that many customers keep coming back for more.”
Straight after my Bodylean session was complete, Fiona measured me again, to find I had lost half an inch from around my waist. Which isn’t bad going for half an hour of relaxation and chatting! The folks at Bodylean do recommend that you book four treatments to see the really significant results, and some have even had as many as twenty! With real results measurable with every treatment, I find it no surprise that many customers keep coming back for more. Now, where did I put that bikini?

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