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If you’ve been following The Colchester Circle website over the past few months, you will have seen our fantastic redesign. We’ve teamed up with 77 Studios to create site that benefits our readers to the max. Find out more about this local creative duo from the masterminds themselves, Paul Boreham and Chris Spencer.

Who is 77 Studios and how did you come to be?
77 Studios came together in October 2011 when two friends thought two heads would be better than one. Having been in and around web and graphic design companies for many years, we decided to see if we could do it better than the rest!

What are some of the best projects that you have been involved with so far?
Most recently, The Colchester Circle site for sure! To work on something that will have so much local reach is exciting. One of the great aspects of this industry is working with people who want to improve their digital output and have a genuine interest and understanding of what they want to do. Anastasia and her team had great input into the project; which is brilliant for developers as it gets us excited with new ideas too.

We’ve also been working on video presentations for one of the mobile-phone ‘big boys’ which is always a buzz. Longer term, we have great pride in They really embraced different ideas for the website. As a company, they are going from strength-to-strength in terms of sales and feedback from the site.

“As phones and tablets get more powerful, there will be an even larger power shift away from the traditional desktop PC.”
What brief did you have when designing The Colchester Circle website?
Besides getting a fresher look, the most important thing was to have a website presence that was both easy to manage and easily expandable over time with new ideas and features. Our aim was to have a bespoke content management system running behind the scenes that powers the new site and enables Anastasia and her team to quickly add stories, features, photographs etc right away. Then in the longer term, integrate more of the exciting ideas they have into the same system without having to disrupt anything that is there right now.

What are your favourite things about the resulting site?
It made sense to base the content around ‘issues’ as that is how a magazine runs. The content management system works by preparing a new issue for the upcoming release, including stories, cover art, photography etc. As the clock ticks over to the scheduled release date, the website automatically brings itself up-to-date!

Our favourite feature is that the guys can choose the colour theme of each issue. This completely changes the look and feel of the site to match! Little things like that go a long way and it’s amazingly easy for the client to do.

What other exciting projects have you got in the pipeline?
We are extremely lucky to be very busy at the moment with a real diverse run of projects, from bog-standard websites, to iPhone apps, video production and even a cartoon. The iPhone projects excite us as that seems to be the way technology is going – it’s showing no signs of being a flash in the pan! As phones and tablets get more powerful, there will be an even larger power shift away from the traditional desktop PC. It’s great to be involved in that.

What kind of work can clients approach you for?
Anything digital really! Our core work will most likely always involve websites – and we love doing them, so the more the merrier! But as we share quite a diverse skillsets in the office, it does mean we can cover most digital projects – web development, iPhone and iPad apps, advertising, animations, video production, games, 3D graphics… Anything that tickles your technological fancy!

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